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Once it is stable, the IT staff plans to roll it out to every user during the first half of 2018 and then deploy VDI using Citrix XenDesktop . For most users, application virtualization is sufficient. But some users need video editing or other specialized software, so they will get a full desktop experience through VDI. HCI provides advantages when deploying virtual applications and desktops; scalability is one. If the HCI environment reaches capacity, the county can purchase a new appliance to add more virtual desktops, Wilmot says. The management software will see the new node, expand the cluster and configure ­everything automatically on the back end. “If I need to scale up compute or storage, I can choose one or both and buy the appropriate node,” he says. HCI software also eases deduplication, which eliminates duplicate copies of the same files, resulting in more efficient use of storage and cost savings from VDI, says Ryan McCarroll, a senior network and systems administrator at the DA’s office. Instead of having to allocate space for each virtual desktop on a SAN, the HCI appliances with deduplication only allocate storage for one virtual desktop image.

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