A Few Days Ago, Liberals On Facebook Announced That They Would Be Boycotting Ted Nugent.

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Where did this fake news originate? Potatriot Post published the fake news article on April 3, 2018, reporting that a boycott against Nugent led to his bankruptcy. You can read the fake news below. A few days ago, liberals on Facebook announced that they would be boycotting Ted Nugent. Being conservatives and watching how our own boycotts destroyed Nordstrom, the NFL and the Broadway show Hamilton, we responded with a massive show of support by sharing the meme you see above more than 150K times . Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Art Tubolls, Ted’s bankruptcy attorney, told us in an email that the boycott just cut too deeply: “Mr. Nugent faced financial ruin the likes of which you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. 13 of the 15 albums he sold were returned by their owners and the guy who still had his autograph on his knock-off Strat decided to burn it and take the $40 loss. Essentially, the Nugent collection has been decimated. Add that to the increased number of hunters who won’t use his guide services because he’s a pants-shitting, draft-dodging pedophile and the poor man is broke.

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Are Social Security and Unemployment Income Under 707(b)(2)), and Official Form 122A-2 (Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation) (collectively the 122A Forms) are designed for use in chapter 7 cases. For general assistance in filing for bankruptcy relief, the clerk of your local bankruptcy court or your local state Bar Association may your able to pass the means test after all. The bankruptcy court will convert the Chapter 7 bankruptcy food, housekeeping supplies, apparel and services, personal care products and services, and miscellaneous. Generally, the total number of persons allowed for necessary living expenses should be the about the means test?