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These laws make an act which was legal when committed, illegal after committing it. Decapitation: Decapitation is where a part of human body above the neck is severed from the boot. Any company or organization cannot function without the protection of its proprietary information. There are certain requirements that an idea or an invention must meet in order to qualify for a patent. The choice of the lawyer is a crucial... Dismissal: A dismissal in a court setting has a definite connotation implying a final disposal by the tribunal rejecting the case of the suitor. relict: delicti are small offences, where a person by fraud or deceit causes damage or tort to someone. Hatch Act: The Hatch Act is a Federal law whose aim is to “prohibit Federal employees from engaging in partisan political groups or any political organization which advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of government.” Domicile: A state in which a person has permanent residence, and intends to keep living there even if he leaves that place for a while, or a state where the business headquarters are located. Also add your personal information, legal documents and paperwork related to the invention. A lineal descendant is a direct descendant or a blood relative in the direct line of descent. Perpetuating Testimony: It's the recording of evidence, when there's a fear that the person may soon die or disappear, and the evidence if recorded, could be used to prevent any kind of injustice or to support a future claim of property.

Grounds for Divorce: The legal reasons or facts and materials to be taken into consideration by the adjudicating authority while giving a divorce. If the ownership of a property is yet to be ascertained, it is said to be in abeyance. So, what's the pay scale of a patent attorney like? Sanction: Generally, the word sanction means to approve or ratify, but in law, sanction can denote the penalty or punishment awarded to a person for breach of law.